Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hey! I noticed the flowers

This week as I approached my counsellor's front porch, I noticed a beautiful purple potted Mum sitting by the stairs. It had so many little flowers that together they made up a great big ball of purple flowers. I couldn't help but comment on the beauty of this Mum when he came to the door to greet me. 

Seems like a silly thing to write about, I know. But the memory of those flowers came back to me and that's when I realized their significance. 

In that moment I had been still enough to feel the beauty of nature. A heart-warming feeling of joy arose in my noticing these flowers. Simple yet profound. 

There was a peace about me in that moment that I could feel joy through a plant. It reminds how we truly are connected to everything because everything is connected to God's love. I feel blessed by this moment and it gives me hope that I will have more joyful moments where I am still enough and at peace enough in a world without my beloved son. 

It really is all about the little things. But often we miss those little things and when the bigger things happen we never see them as big enough to appreciate.  

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