Friday, 27 January 2017

Good for us both!

In case you missed it on my other social feeds, I have teamed up with my amazingly talented daughter Mackenzie for this video project.

As a way to give her an outlet and a voice in the chaos of childhood cancer, she has created The Feelings Lab (yes! she was the one to come up with the creative title). This lab is where she will demonstrate ways and tools she has learned to deal with her big feelings and she encourages others to experiment with these things to find what works to help calm their big emotions.

It has been amazing to say the least to see my daughter excel in front of the camera and to  bond over something we truly have talent for together. We are the perfect team. She is great in front of the camera and I enjoy the behind the scenes stuff.

Please take a moment to look at the videos, subscribe to The Feelings Lab and help encourage this sweet girl's dream of making it on TV someday.


The Feelings Lab - Trailer

A Sibling's Story - Episode 1 The Feelings Lab

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