Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Medical appointment overload

Here it is now almost eight months since the horror of Xavier's relapse and severe meningitis and the pain still lingers.

Will it ever go away? Not likely.

Our healing is a road that never ends running parellel with our reality of managing an incurable cancer. It stretches across oceans, through that darkness of space, up to light where our Heavenly Father hears our cries.

Still I hear the sorrowful moans from my childrens bedrooms. Another bad dream I suppose, a nightmare that had come true.

We entered another barrage of appointments; each a reminder of this journey we call childhood cancer. The weeks before the next MRI are always the hardest. For all of us.

While some live their lives never having to step foot in a hospital with their child (aside from bringing them home after their joyous arrival) others see the walls of the hospital as a second home.
Rarely do we walk the halls of Mac without recognizing a familiar face. It is strangely comforting.

We live different.

I ask that you dont judge us until you walk in our shoes.
It is a way of life for us that I both praise and fear. It brings more joy than ever imagined and more pain than ever described.
You feel things you never knew existed. A blessing; a curse.

A life I will always be thankful for.

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