Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A PR Project on Life

Find your daily dose of positivity 

Ever have days when you just can't watch or read any more news; when you have to turn the channel from that reality crime show or stop scrolling through your Twitter feed.

You know those days when your own life is so overwhelming that consuming any more negativity in the world makes you sick to your stomach.

For anyone who has had days like this, I want to help by giving you a place to come for a "good" read. For the next month, any blog entry, Facebook post or tweet will be positive. Consider it my personal "Chicken Soup" style blog.

My pledge:

No matter what happens in my life in the next 30 days, I will turn it into a positive.

I will only share positive news stories.

Sometimes I think it's OK to shut out the horrible things going on around us - for the sake of our mental health. We shouldn't be oblivious, but we also shouldn't endure the world's pain on a regular basis.

As I was researching for future positive posts, I found that everywhere I go the information I consume is negative. Bad news is always in our face, but we actually have to go searching for the good news.

Case Study #1: March 31, 2015
The facts

  • Xavier had 2 appointments at McMaster today
  • Doctor 1 told him his eyesight is not improving in his right eye 
  • He is to wear an eye patch 5 hours every day 
  • By age 8 if is his vision has not improved, he will never regain his vision in that eye
  • Doctor 2 told him he has minor hearing loss in right side
  • Cause could be blockage, nerve damage or both
  • More appointments scheduled 
Without my positivity lens, as I will call it, this sucks! But with a PR spin, I read between the lines and this is what I find:
  • His left eye is perfect
  • He still has more than half a day when he doesn't have to wear the eye patch
  • If he wears his patch, there is a good chance his vision will improve by age 8 
  • His hearing is perfect on his left side
  • The hearing loss may not be temporary
  • Doctors want to take care of him 
See the difference! 

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