Monday, 27 October 2014

Election Day! Vote smart, vote right!

Today is Election Day! 
Today I will pick who will make the decisions in the City in which I live and choose to raise my family.
Today, I will vote for change.
Like most things, experience makes you better  - practice makes perfect right?
Not in municipal politics.
Experience in politics does stand for something, but not what it should.
Too much experience on a City Council can make a councillor too comfortable, too involved in politicking to see clearly on issues that are affecting their fellow residents. Their judgments become clouded  with too many opinions and inside information to make the best choice.

Although they may not admit it - or even recognize it - biases are made and that open-mindedness that they likely ran on in the first place has diminished.
Sometimes, common sense and the pure innocence of a well-rounded and well-researched newbie can yield the best solution.

What do we have to lose? Everyone is going to make mistakes. If the same council were re-elected tonight, mistakes will be made. If a new council is elected, mistakes will be made. But, with some new faces around the table there is a greater opportunity for change, new ideas and a refreshing new direction for the future of our Friendly City. And in the end, the same staff will be directing the council.

For months, citizens have commented on a need for change in the City. Don't fear the unknown, take a chance and VOTE for change today!

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