Tuesday, 3 June 2014

MRI pictures for the photo album

Doctors were elated with Xavier's post-surgery MRI!

You could see the surgeons' excitement as they talked about the "excellent" results. They admitted that at first they were unsure whether the surgery was the best option at this time and gave us only a chance that it could work.

Today, Dr. Singh said Xavier has made her month.

"It was definitely the right thing to do!"

In two months, the surgery accomplished what neurosurgeons suspected would happen in six or more months.

The three large cysts that had formed in his spinal cord due to a blockage of fluid in his brain, had almost disappeared. They have shrunk beyond what both surgeons expected.

And the best part was that I got to see these amazing results!

Rarely do we see the actual MRI images, but rather just take the doctors word on what they saw.
But today, doctors were so pumped by the drastic changes in the images they had to show me.

It was amazing. In plain sight, I could see the large cysts formed in the fluid space along his spinal cord. The dark grey blobs could be seen in every angle of every picture taken in the MRI.

Then the after MRI: only a sliver of two cysts were visible. The third, gone. They could only be seen in once picture - at one angle.

To some it may be difficult or creepy to see an MRI of your child's brain and spine. But to me it was like looking at one of Xavier's baby pictures. It was a beautiful sight. The image, so crisp and so clear, now showed near perfection and the delicate work performed by such amazingly talented surgeons.

No more cysts plus no signs of cancer plus no symptoms = one happy boy and an ecstatic mom!

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Today never would have happened without your encouraging words.

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