Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A passion reignited

Today I met a cop turned doctor who is aiming to revolutionize cold case investigations and a woman whose research is helping catch killers.

I learned about murders across Canada and a killer who evaded justice for decades after being presumed dead. And I learned how important social sciences can be in bringing more than fossils to the surface -- but also suspects.

That's what I call a good day!

Meeting fascinating people, visiting interesting places and most importantly, learning so many new things is the life of a journalist -- or at least the parts I miss most about my former career.

I have been out of the biz now for three years, but every time I get a chance to relive my former life I take it. My life as a freelancer has taken off again and I am once again loving the chance to interview and write.

Crime was my beat and is still my interest today. It makes seeing my byline again, now for a law enforcement magazine, is even more invigorating.

I like to find out how people tick, and I believe everyone has a story. I can feel the fire burning inside me again. It feels good.

I could use my blog just to tell my story, but because people are my passion -- I want to hear about yours. Got a story idea for me... pass it along.

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